1st – Today is National Bubble Gum Day, join us in Garden Court for a bubble blowing contest at 2pm. Can you blow the biggest bubble? 2nd – Happy Ground Hog Day! Will he see his Shadow? 3rd – Super Bowl Sunday is not an official national holiday, but we’re treating it like one!  Join us in Manor Court Activities for Super Bowl trivia with cookies and ice cream at 3pm.  Later come over to Garden Court for a watch party at 5:30pm. 4th – Our Hawthorne Inn residents head out for their Lunch Bunch Club every Monday.  Each week they go to a different restaurant in the area for lunch!  What’s your favorite restaurant for lunch? 7th – Today in Garden Court we will create cards during Craft Corner at 10am for Send a Card to a Friend Day 8th – To prepare for Valentines’ Day, our residents in Manor Court are making some cards at 1 pm! 11th – Some of the kids from Clinton Elementary will be passing out Valentines’ Day cards to our residents today at 2:30!  Thank you to the children for helping our residents have a special Valentine! 12th – Join us in Garden Court today as we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday with Trivia and facts throughout the day! 14th – Happy Valentines’ Day!!  There are a lot of Valentines’ Day related activities happening today across campus.  Feel free to bring YOUR Valentine and visit our residents for any or all of our campus activities today! 11am – Heart Shaped Throw Pillow Craft in Manor Court Activities         1pm – Hawthorne Inn Valentines’ Day party!         2pm – Manor Court Valentine Bingo         3pm – Snacks and Valentines’ Day trivia in Garden Court         4pm – A Valentine Hugs Social in Manor Court with                     Cupcakes and Refreshments 17th – Our Hawthorne Inn residents are Rocking with Ron today at 2pm!  Come out and enjoy some snacks and refreshments while you listen to our talented Maintenance Director serenade the residents! 18th – Join us in Manor Court at 11am for Presidents Day trivia! 19th – Today is National Chocolate Mint Day!  Our residents on Garden Court will be enjoying Chocolate Trivia and Andes Candies at 10am. 20th – Have you ever heard of Hoodie Hoo Day?  It is a day designed to help people overcome the winter-time blues and prepare them for the coming of Spring!  Our residents in Manor Court are going to be celebrating the coming of Spring all day in Activities today! 22nd – Join us in Garden Court today as we celebrate George Washington’s Birthday with Trivia and facts throughout the day! 25th – The Museum of History will be visiting Manor Court today at 3pm for some Photo Reminiscence.  Come out to learn more about our local history! 26th – Manor Court is celebrating Carnival today!  Come join us at 2pm in Activities to celebrate with our residents! 28th – Today we will be celebrating the birthdays of all our February births in Hawthorne Inn!  Join us at 2:00 pm for a birthday party! There are so many events and activities happening here @ Liberty Village of Clinton!  If you would like a tour or find out what events we have happening this month, send us an email or give us a call @ (217)935-8500. We are here to help you!