Oct 1st – Happy “National Homemade Cookie Day”!  Come celebrate with some Sinfully Sweet homemade cookies at 11am.  At 11:30am we will be going out to lunch at Steak and Shake. Oct 4th – Let’s celebrate “National Frappe Day” with a Frappe social at 4pm! Oct 8th – We’ll be heading out for lunch to the Palms Grill Café at 11:30am. Oct 10th – In honor of “National Angel Food Cake Day” we’ll be making Sinfully Sweet Angel Food Cake at 11:00am! Oct 14th – It’s “National Desert Day”, why not celebrate with some Sinfully Sweet Deserts at 11:00am! Oct 15th – Look for the Liberty Village of Clinton bus because we’ll be dining at the Olive Garden at 11:30am. Oct 21st – For “National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day”, we’ll be having a pumpkin cheesecake social starting at 4:00pm. Oct 22nd – Let’s do Pizza!  The Liberty Village of Clinton bus will be heading over to Monical’s at 11:30am. Oct 27th – It’s “National Tell a Story Day”!  Come join us at 4:00pm for storing telling. Oct 29th – We’ll be heading over to Chestnut Family Restaurant at 11:30am. Oct 30th – Let’s celebrate “National Candy Corn Day” by having a candy corn mix social at 4:00pm! Oct 31st – Happy Halloween! The residents will kick off the “Spooky” festivities at 2:00pm.  And Finally, Liberty Village of Clinton’s annual “Community Trick or Treating” festivities from 3:30pm to 5:00pm!! There are so many events and activities happening here @ Liberty Village of Clinton!  If you would like a tour or find out what events we have happening this month, send us an email or give us a call @ (217)935-8500. We are here to help you!